Trekking In Nepal

Trekking in Nepal offers a rich and exhilarating experience.  Few would disagree on the beauty of Nepal. The lowland jungles of the terai, Himalayan foothills and the magnificent Himalayas make Nepal one of the places to visit. Since villages do not have  adequate roads they are connected by  foot tracks developed over the centuries. Hence, Nepal is best experienced by walking through it. That’s what trekking is about. Hiking on the other hand is popular among those wanting to trek but do not have sufficient time. A typical hike lasts only 1 to 3 days.

Eight out of the world’s fourteen highest mountains including the highest- Mt. Everest lie in Nepal.  World heritages sites, cultural diversity and natural beauty are just a few of the attractions that lure visitors. These treks provide opportunity to observe life in these villages. People truly live off the land, using only a few manufactured items such as soap, kerosene, paper and matches. Experience the peace only occasionally broken by the sounds of nearby wildlife, flowing water, yak bells, or your own breathing.

Choose from longer well-established treks like Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, Annapurna, or Langtang to lesser-known options including Mustang or Kanchenjunga Base Camp. From short, easy hikes to month-long expeditions, Nepal has something for everyone.

Here you have some impressions of Tsum-Valley-trekking:

of Manaslu-trekking:

and two slideshows of Mustang-trekking: